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Here are actual examples with videos of some of my star students as they progress and get better and become real piano stars. We share success stories of our blessed students HERE or just click the button below. We can work wonders with you or any student (YES, your child!) in record time. I have built more than a dozen Oklahoma piano prodigies over the last 7 years. You will enjoy mind-boggling results with confidence, passion and skills in record time. 

 Our Wiz Kid Piano Prodigy Success Stories Here

Piano Lessons Are NOT About Filling A Bucket – But LIGHTING A FIRE!

Focused on the sheer joy of playing the piano, we are amazed at the speedy progress of ALL our students. We know how to make magic with our students and get wonderful results within weeks instead of years. We turn ordinary children into confident, passionate, creative and loving people.

The teacher, not a set of books, is the determining factor in quality results

Enjoy FUN piano lessons proven to break barriers and accelerate your child’s progress. We make young hearts and minds sing with music and passion. Using old-school methods developed after more than 30 years of teaching piano lessons, prepare to be amazed at your very first lesson. We bring smiles and success to all!

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

Piano lesson in Oklahoma City and Edmond

 Our Advanced Piano Student Videos HERE

Here’s a brief list of recent student accomplishments:

  • First Place ($600 PRIZE) Oklahoma Music Olympics – Gilliam Division for 3 – 8th grade students for FOUR YEARS – all different Fisher Piano Studio students; 2017 (Alice), 2016 (Gabriel), 2015 (Nathaniel), 2013 (Chan) plus multiple Second ($300) and Third Place ($150) winners as well. This is the biggest competition in our state for pianists.
  • First Place in every division – SWOSU Hubbard-Males Weatherford Piano Competition; 2017 – 2010 plus trophies earned for nearly every Fisher student that attends since 2010.
  • Fort Worth Symphony – Concerto Performance – 2016 – 15-year-old Andrew plays the full Liszt Concerto No. 1 in E-Flat major with world renowned Symphony under Maestro Barry Douglas.
  • OMTA Junior Auditions OKC – FIRST PLACE 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 with multiple students including Chan, Nathaniel, Gabriel and Alice plus tons of Alternate Wins as well.
  • Young Artist Acceptance – PianoTexas at Texas Christian University –  at only 15 years old! (Andrew) He earned his spot along side Julliard and New England Conservatory college aged entrants.
  • Silver Medal Finalist (and Bronze) in 2016 and 2015 respectively at Colorado’s Odyssiad International Piano Competition (Nathaniel)

Megan loves piano **

I would like to thank you for being more than a piano teacher to me. You’ve taught me to go past my limits, and that I can achieve more than I ever thought I could. No one has ever been more confident in my abilities than you have been, and that genuinely means more to… Read more “Megan loves piano **”

Mei – I’ll Remember Your Booming Enthusiasm

I have such fond memories of your studio. I feel like it was an important part of me growing up in a sense, and I also feel like so much has changed now since I am 17! Thank you so much for teaching me though. You were one of the best teachers I’ve ever had,… Read more “Mei – I’ll Remember Your Booming Enthusiasm”

Andrei – Tremendous growth in his piano skills

Lady Bautista Jun 2, 2017 My son has only been with Mr. Fisher for a few weeks but I have noticed tremendous growth in his piano skills as well as his overall disposition. He enjoys his lessons so much he would come home very excited and eager to practice some more! He has learned to… Read more “Andrei – Tremendous growth in his piano skills”

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About Your Maestro Instructors

Greg Fisher loves teaching piano and his students respond emotionally, physically and with great passion. With more than three decades of teaching experience, Greg thrills all ages from 5 years old through adult with amazing piano shortcuts to smiles and gasps from parents. 

Three Decades of Piano Teaching Experience!

Greg has been featured SEVEN times with orchestra including the Kansas City Philharmonic and the Fort Worth Symphony. He has played concerts in France, Italy, Japan and the United States. Greg shares everything he knows and the children drink it all up like a sponge. Simply put, our students are the envy of piano studios throughout Oklahoma. More about Greg HERE.

Miho Fisher has a B.M. and a M.M. in piano performance from the University of Central Oklahoma studying under Cliburn Competition Silver Medalist, Maestro Valery Kuleshov. She serves at Oklahoma Christian University as staff accompanist but makes room for private piano students too! More about Miho, HERE.

Watch the difference our amazing piano lessons can make by watching our students of all ages and abilities play HERE in 94 wonderful piano student videos.

More of Our Amazing Piano Student Videos Here

A Student Is Almost Always Motivated To Practice... If They Leave The Lesson Feeling Capable and Happy!

Please don't waste time and money with boring piano lessons. Take this opportunity to study with the best teacher with the most successful student track record, proven from amazing student after student accomplishments. Greg has spent years perfecting his piano wisdom and teaching secrets and you will instantly reap the benefit from the first lessons. 

Ivy is so proud to be another trophy winning piano wiz kid at Fisher Piano Studio at just 7 years old.

Conveniently Located at 316 Hardy Drive In Edmond, Right Off the Broadway Extension (I-235) - Call 696-5404 Today!


Our Piano Studio Details

Enjoy the learning experience in an informal yet professional setting. We have two studio rooms in Edmond, Oklahoma. Our formal studio room has a new Steinway M Grand piano and a Baldwin Grand piano sitting side by side for conveniently teaching through piano demonstration and emulation of your maestro teacher. We also have a second studio room with a Steinway studio piano and a digital Yamaha full 88-key piano (with pedal!) that thrills students with nearly infinite sounds and capabilities. Students spend hours playing their cool pieces at different settings while laughing, giggling and having a blast. Of course, for the 21st century, we also have a computer lab with over two dozen music software programs the kids just love.

Prices and Policies

You'll find our prices very competitive. We offer 45-minute piano lessons for beginners for $35 each (payable every four lessons in advance) and 60-minute piano lessons for $50 each (also payable every four lessons).

Your only requirement is to have a full 88-key piano (acoustic or digital) to practice on. That's all! Policy Page HERE 

piano prodigy training studio

 Fisher Piano Studio brings you the fast track to piano wiz kid Fun and Magic!

FOR ADVANCED PIANO STUDENTS: If you are thinking about auditioning at a college level for entrance and a scholarship, you should definitely invest a few hours of piano lessons with us...and be guaranteed improvement and professional polish that WILL GET NOTICED by the jury. Mr. Fisher is a master in the French AND the Russian schools of piano playing. His teaching lineage is:


Make a difference guaranteed to bring tons of confidence into your piano playing.

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