Blessed Oklahoma Piano Prodigy Success Stories

Alice Hsu

Alice Hsu is one of the greatest blessings of my life in teaching. She started with me four years ago and has made amazing progress in a very short time. She has won First Place nearly every season over at Southwestern Oklahoma State University (Weatherford), and she won the Oklahoma Music Teachers Association Junior Auditions. Alice won Third Place in 2016 at the Gilliam Music Olympics and this year (2017) took First Place at the Gilliam Music Olympics and took home a check for a whopping $600!

Alice also ice skates and recently she won a prize for drawing. For me, her happiness is an incredible blessing at each lesson and her bubbly personality shines every time she sits down at the piano.

She is my latest Oklahoma Piano Prodigy!

Alice after 6 months of piano lessons - Whirling Leaves Alice first year of piano lessons Second year of lessons with First Place Trophies - Kabalevsky Toccatina Alice plays Grieq Dance of the Gnomes Thrilling Kabalevsky Sonatina, Op. 13 super fast! 10 years old Alice with Debussy Gardens in the Rain First Place Music Olympics - Gilliam winning $600 - Respighi

Nina Hsu (left)

Nina is surely one of God’s “special musical angels” sent here to bring happiness and joy to all she meets. It is always a happy lesson time and even more joy when she smiles and giggles, which is a lot! She was only five years old when she started with me and the ending video with the show-stopper, “Etude Allegro” by Japanese composer, Nakada shows her giant progress over the last 3+ years and leap forward to my youngest Piano Star.

She is on her way to being another Oklahoma Piano Prodigy!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow duet at 5 years old Do-Re-Mi Piano Duet at 5-1/2 years old Big First Place winner with Moonlight Another First Place 2017 Etude Allegro

Nathaniel Parker

Nathaniel started with me in 2009 at the tender age of seven. He had studied piano with his mother but wanted more. To be honest, Nathaniel is the hardest working student it has ever been my pleasure to teach piano. His progress has been staggering and surmountable; nothing short of amazing. He won First Place nearly every year at SWOSU – Hubbard Males in Weatherford, First Place at the OMTA Junior Auditions multiple years, MTNA Junior State Winner, Colorado International both Silver and Bronze medals, two Second Place wins at Oklahoma Music Olympics – Gilliam Division and the First Place win for $600! Plus he won Second Place at the Meinder’s Division of Oklahoma Music Olympics.

More importantly, Nathaniel has appeared twice on local television interviewed as Oklahoma piano prodigy (Fox-25 News and KSBI – Oklahoma LIVE) and in 2016 was hired as the youngest artist ever in its history at the Campbell Artist Concert Series.

Nathaniel after two months of piano lessons with me Six months and already First Place wins Two years and Show-Stopper piece, Debussy Gradus et Parnassum Most popular, Chopin Fantasy Impromptu at 10 years old Piano technique rules - after four years of lessons Beautiful Chopin Nocturne in F Major Oklahoma Prodigy Debut Concert in 2015 Hired for Campbell Artist Concert Series 2016 - Liszt Widmung

Gabriel Parker

Gabriel Parker has always shown his incredible talent and heart for music both in piano and violin, which he studies with Peter Nguyen. Gabriel won First Place at the Hubbard-Males Piano Competition at SWOSU three years straight, and won both second place in 2015 and finally, First Place in 2016 at the Music Olympics Gilliam Division bringing home a check for $600.

Gabriel at 6 years old - Burgmueller The Swallow Gabriel after two years of piano lessons - Nakada Etude of Thirds Gabriel at Ten years old - Ravel Minuet Gabriel at Oklahoma Prodigy Recital in 2015 - Tauriello Toccata

Julia Janknecht (right)

Julia started with me at six years old and made giant strides in pianism and musicality. Most importantly she brought LIFE and bubbly personality everywhere including in her piano music. She was an absolute joy to work with and continues to learn and perform at a high level of artistry.

Julia after 4 months of piano lessons - Haydn Sonata in C Julia wins First Place and sings Two Years of piano lessons - Chopin Etude in F Major, Op. 25 No 2

Megan Tran (center)

Megan began lessons with me at nine years old and was one of my “Fabulous Five” piano prodigy club. Her accelerated progress never ceased to amaze me and week to week I could hardly believe the great blessings God gave to me in her attitude and her playing. Unfortunately, school work and AP classes won over music and her piano lessons were stopped. Even today, there is not a week that goes by that her piano teacher (me) fails to remember her; her warm heart, wonderful smile and earth-shaking piano playing! Megan was on the Santa Fe High School “Ruff Draft” newspaper this year and I am so proud she graduated the Edmond Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership in May, 2017. (I also graduated from their very first Leadership Edmond class back many, many years ago!)

Megan First Year 10 years old - Khachaturian Toccata Two Years of lessons - 11 years old Chopin Nocturne in c# Having FUN with Copland's Three years of piano lessons - Prokofiev Diabolic Suggestion Beautiful Heart and Soul - Liszt's Liebestraum #3

Gene Moon

One of the most raw gifted musicians EVER to bless my studio, Gene loved music and it showed. He played with such enthusiasm and heart! Gene was another member of my original “Fabulous Five” piano prodigies. He won multiple trophies (even beating Nathaniel one year!) and worked hard musically not only in piano but also cello and oboe. His piano artistry continues to grow and I hope he is doing well and enjoying life outside my studio.

Gene scales and technique at 8 years old - Burgmueller The Pearl Gene in second year playing Liszt Etude in d minor Gene and Nathaniel enjoying winning first place duet trophy Gene playing Bach-Liszt Organ Transcription in a minor Gene playing tour-de-force Debussy Feux d'Artifice (Fireworks)

Mei Zhang

Oh how I miss this wonderful girl and her fun personality! She was an angel in disguise and always, always a lifting spirit in every piano lesson and music event she participated in. As you can tell in the picture above, Mei has real charm and a heart of gold which really showed in her music. Please watch her transformation starting with serious piano skills earning her a great Second Place down at SWOSU, then graduating to deep voicing and beauty of tone in her performances of Mozart Fantasy in d minor and the Chopin Waltz in C#, Op 62, No.2.

And finally enjoy her incredible depth of heart in the last recital and time I heard her play the piano, in Debussy’s “Girl with the Flaxen Hair.”

We all miss Mei dearly!

Mei plays Villa Lobos O'Polchinello and wins Second Place SWOSU Wonderful beauty in Mozart Fantasy Now a great Chopin Waltz Op 62 #2 Finally, Debussy Girl with the Flaxen Hair

Andrew Vargas

Andrew came to me late in his young life at 12 years old from Colorado with a dream; a dream of being another Horowitz. He wasn’t sure if it was possible. I told him his dream was not only possible but that I was sure with God’s help and blessings that Andrew could do even better. 

A year after we started lessons, Andrew became very sick with Wegener’s Disease and spent the entire summer of 2015 in Oklahoma Baptist Hospital in I.C.U.. I was allowed to visit a couple of times and was absolutely shocked to find first just how incredibly sick he was; and then a week later, how shockingly better he had become in a short time!

Andrew has incredible God-given talents and I am sure you will hear and see in the videos below.

Better than piano, Andrew has an anointing over his life from above; and I am sure angels accompany his every move.

After 4 months with me - Khachaturian Toccata Andrew Sancan Toccata Beautiful Liszt Un Sospiro Concert Etude Chopin Etude in E major, Op 10 #3 Make A Wish Foundation

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