Piano Teacher Reveals Secret to Piano Super Star Training

Piano Teacher Reveals Secret to Piano Super Star Training

Effort, Time and Talent are SECONDARY! Any child can learn to master piano — and life!

There is a growing realization in the world today that “talent”, “prodigy” and “genius” is more created and built than born. I call it part of the “Mozart Effect”. Or even the “Beethoven Effect”. The most important key to the “success” of the methods I teach is the use of ingenious ‘learning tricks’ that are needed to solve specific problems; at the piano and in life for children and adults. The most important factor for learning to play the piano is the practice methods. Yes, effort, time and talent are secondary!

Proper practice methods can make ANYBODY into a “talented” pianist!

Good practice methods will not only accelerate the learning rate (like a rocket ship!) but also help to develop the brain, as well as raise the intelligence level especially for the young.

The most important aspect of learning piano at a young age is brain development and higher intelligence.

Until now, the musician’s world was restricted to the few “gifted” artists; we now know that it is a universe we can ALL participate in!

My revolutionary FUN practice methods make the difference between a lifetime of futility; and a concert pianist in less than 10 years for young, dedicated students.

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