Megan loves piano **

Megan loves piano **

I would like to thank you for being more than a piano teacher to me. You’ve taught me to go past my limits, and that I can achieve more than I ever thought I could. No one has ever been more confident in my abilities than you have been, and that genuinely means more to me than you will ever know. Even when I was completely lacking confidence, you always believed in me when nobody else, including myself, did, and you never lost faith in me. I can’t thank you enough for that.

You’ve taught me what hard work is, and how much it can pay off in the end. I will apply the lessons I’ve learned from you to the rest of my life. In conclusion, I couldn’t be happier that I’ve had the honor to learn from you and be your student for these past years.

Thank you so much for adding me to your success stories page; it truly means a lot to me knowing that my piano journey is considered a success to you. Similar to you, I often reminisce my days at the studio and how my life would currently be different if I was able to continue under your teaching. I have nothing but good memories from those years, and the lessons you taught me both in piano and life have stuck with me and will stay with me for the rest of my years. I really can’t thank you enough for having such an enormous impact on me early on as a kid.

On top of everything, I hope it assures you to know that my love for piano has not diminished. Even if I was far from the best, I still consider my piano abilities to be my most valued talent. If I was mediocre at other arts, sports, or even academics compared to my other peers, I could always assure myself by thinking that I at least had something going with piano. There was always a burning passion in my heart for piano that I never felt for anything else.

I remember in orchestra class sophomore year, my teacher showed our class the video of you receiving a piano from your student from the make a wish foundation. I remember being flooded with emotions: happiness because I remembered how much a new piano would’ve benefitted you (sorry for breaking that key again), regret because I wished that I could’ve still been at the studio to experience such an amazing moment, and nostalgia because all the memories of me getting excited for lessons, dreading performance days, trembling before recitals, practicing countless hours before competitions, and the joyous times from piano summer camp all hit me while watching that video.

Thank you again for molding me into a stronger and more disciplined person and being by far the greatest teacher I’ve ever had. Please remember that you are impacting every single one of your students’ lives greatly and you’ve made music unexplainably precious to me. Thank you.

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